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Sora is the secondary main character in Hikari ochiru and is the hero and main protagonist of the Kingdom Hearts series, as well as a wielder of the Keyblade. He is an upbeat teenager who may seem simple minded at times, but is very aware of the importance of his quest. He possesses a strong sense of justice and an unrelenting heart. At times he is impulsive and quick to anger, but he is always sincere about what he says and does. He is the best friend of Kairi and Riku. Sora is fourteen years old at the beginning of Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories and fifteen during the events of Kingdom Hearts II. He lives on Destiny Islands with his best friends Riku and Kairi. Sora, Riku, and Kairi wish to escape from the Destiny Islands, and find out what lies beyond. Sora is also the complete being of Sora's Heartless and Roxas, the source of Xion's memories and the bearer of Ventus's heart.

Personalilty Edit

Sora has a typical brave and heroic personality, meaning he'll willingly risk his life, even for people he doesn't even know yet. He's extremely loyal to his friends, and has shown to be extremely forgiving to Riku (even forgiving Riku for the times he's tried to kill him) and highly protective of Kairi. He constantly "thinks positive" and is therefore highly optimistic. Sora seems to have a remarkable capacity to forgive; when Maleficent loses control of the Heartless to Organization XIII and is overwhelmed by Dusks in order to allow Sora's group to escape, Sora is clearly concerned for her and is only stopped from helping her by being restrained by Donald. Another prominent example is when he forgives Naminé for rewriting the majority of his memories, despite the severity of her doings. One more example would be when he is willing to forgive Xehanort's Heartless for all the harm he had caused for saving Kairi's life, unaware that it is actually a disguised Riku.


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