(That night at Andre’s apartment)


(Andre looks up to the ceiling thinking of Aki’s words)

“Andre please I don’t want you to change”

Andre:Babe’s changed? Hm?

(Andre hears thunder and he looks toward the window)

Andre:…A storm? But I don’t remember the news saying anything about a storm. Hm oh well.

(Andre closes his eyes, Andre’s windows bust open and all his stuff began getting sucked out of the window, Andre gets up to see everyone running away from a large dark vortex headed toward him, he waste no time and runs out the house. He runs down the ramp and runs the opposite way of the storm until he sees Aki with a few other pedestrians walking toward the vortex)



(he runs over to her)


(He catches up to Aki but a portal opens and starts sucking Andre in, he tries to get out of it but he gets sucked completely sucked into the portal. Later Andre is shown laying on the ground sleep)

Andre:…uh, huh? wha…

(Andre looks around)

Andre:heheh it’s just another dream,.

(he lays back down as a piece of wood falls on his head from a rooftop on a building he’s laying next to)

Andre:OW!... Wait a second t-this is all real, then Aki, *gasp* AKI!!

(He gets up)

Andre:wait, how am I going to find her if I don’t know where I am, where am I? *sigh* this is ridicules. I guess I’d better find someone to ask around.

Kyo:…they know you’re here, it doesn’t matter how far you go, how fast you run they’ll seek you.

Andre:what the?

Kyo:it’s hard to believe that he chose you to help us… why? Why would he pick you? You’re just a kid…and yet you look just like him, could you be the one who escaped?

Andre:what the hell are you talking about?

Kyo:…it can’t be, the son of Amayo.

Andre:Pfft Psycho.

(Kyo gets behind Andre)

Kyo:I’m going to need you to take a short nap.


To Be Continued