(he opens his eyes to find himself laying on the ground)

Babe:..Huh? where am I?

(he looks at the hand he griped the world with)

Babe:it’s gone, A door to the truth huh…

(later in an unknown location)

Ryosaki:*sigh* what’s going on Shinno? I need an explanation

Shinno:it’s great to see you too, Ryosaki.

Ryosaki:tell us Chi what did you detect?

Chi:new apprentices. But for now we must figure out what we should do.

Shinno:let’s wait and see what develops.

(meanwhile Babe walks around exploring the new world where he makes his way to a forest)

Babe:…something feels weird, what is this feeling?

Unknown figure:don’t worry.

Babe:who was that?

Unknown figure:it’s ok what you feel is your potential I can feel it.

Babe:who are you?

Soskue:oh sorry about that, my name is Soskue and I’m the king to this kingdom.

Babe:kingdom? What are you talking about? there’s no kingdom’s in Philadelphia.

Soskue:oh right, I haven’t told you yet, you’re not on Earth Babe but the reverse of it.

Babe:a reverse world?

Soskue:Mm not exactly well I’ll explain everything come meet me at my palace just follow the road

(Soskue disappears)

Babe:who is that guy? time to worry about it now I need answers and he has them.


Chi:I’ve identified the them, it’s Babe.

Ryosaki:are you sure? The darkness should’ve overcome him.

Shinno:…he must’ve got out of there alive.

Chi:and the other is Andre.

Ryosaki:Hm, both of them here?

Chi:well we do have the girl she’s the one who’s most special though, we can us her to get rid of those two.

Ryosaki:what makes you so sure?

Chi:well I know Andre wouldn’t hurt Aki, she’s his weakness.

Shinno:and Babe?

Chi:what about him? He’s no different from Andre.

Shinno:but Maki is training him as we speak.

Chi:shouldn’t that make things that more interesting?

To Be Continued