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Aki is a young girl who has moved to Philadelphia with her mother and father,she later meets Andre and Babe and they all became good friends afterwards. Aki is fifteen years old the same age of Andre and is one year younger than Babe. As the story in Hikari ochiru II Aki has grew to be a major antagonist.

Personalilty Edit

Aki is caring, kindhearted and is not afraid to give orders or to explain her beliefs. However, she is determined and courageous when someone she cares about is in danger, often risking her own life to help that person like Babe or Andre. but She isn't to sociable and don't care about forming bonds but the only people she opens up to Andre and Babe.

In part 2 Aki is more carefree, wild and cocky but still remains caring and kindhearted.

Apperence Edit

Aki wears a red hoody that comes down to her navel and the sleeves come half way down to her wrist. She wears a black glove on her right hand, she wears green pants that cover up the top of her black and white shoes and has pink hair similar to Sakura Haruno. Finally she wears a pair of black headphones and has yellow eyes.

In series 2 she still has short pink hair but she wears a black skull cap hat and more casual clothes.

Story Edit

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Another world awaitsEdit

Aki, Andre and Babe live in Philadelphia where they live together, one day the three were walking together in fairmount park where Aki and Andre gets tired and they head home. Shortly afterwards a mysterious darkness attacked Philadelphia and other locations of the world, Aki was shown lifelessly walking toward the vortex with Andre trying to save her but was trapped in a mysterious portal before he could rescue her. Chi has stated that she and her accomplices have Aki and are going training her to become a Kentoushi.

farther onto the series Chi offered the chance for Aki to go and see Andre and she does so, when Andre mistakes her for someone else he tells her to come out of hiding when he notices her face when she comes out, he tells her that he's happy that's she ok and tells her that they can work together to find Babe, she tells him that she can't go with him with an unnamed reason Andre who is getting frustrated by her actions attack her and he fights her. Aki who has the upper hand tells taunts him which causes him to get angry upon doing so he uses the move Maki has taught him without burning his hand he prepares to strike Aki with it but Aki manages to cancel the attack and use a dark beam of light to knock Andre back into three trees and knocks him out, after that she walks away with nothing but a tear and leaves